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"I enjoy creating cuisines to be masterpieces, pleasing to the eye and tasteful to the palette"

A world of flavorful creations comes to the Friends Burgers and Cocktails ~ in the form of Chef Shawn Jaynes. The art of his culinary talents blossomed under the tutelage of chefs from the French tradition. Mentored by the late, great John-Aimé Bisson, of Rocky Mountain Cuisine, in Montana, a master chef in special event foods and preparation of wild game ~ Chef Jaynes now carries on the tradition. Chefs Jaynes and Bisson partnered in the founding of the Culinary Entertainment Company, of Southern Colorado, which specialized in catering high-end events. Chef Jaynes now brings his 20 years experience to Arizona, continuing to provide his services for private parties, weddings, catered events and sharing many of his culinary creations with you, at the Friends Burgers and Cocktails.


Phoenix, Arizona

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101 North 1st Avenue
P: 602-314-5978

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